By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Starts With Shredded Documents… Ends Up With Weirdly Unique Art.

Sandra Gregson finds the beauty in paper such as bills, bank statements, and receipts. These documents became the canvass for her series the year my dog died. The Canadian shreds paper into bits and later sews them to transform into sculptures.

Gregson loves the concept of re-making something that has a past. One of her creations involved tearing out the classic novel Ulysses by James Joyce and turning it an art piece. “I choose the novel because, although it is considered the "masterpiece of the 20th Century" and frequently referred to, most people haven't read it,” explains Gregson. By giving the shredded paper a new life, the artist feels she is also changing the language and its meaning.

Gregson was organizing her paperwork when she discovered this new medium.

"I was cleaning up some office files and shredded some personal documents. I found the shreds beautiful and intriguing in the way they contained personal information which identified me," explains Gregson.

No document is spared. Gregson has used a dictionary as well as a statement of earnings to make her sculptures.

Source: Visual News