By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Are The Most Amazing Lights You’ll Ever See… And They’ll Remind You Of Something.

Most household items exist solely in static form, unable to move or inspire. Studio Drift wanted to create light sources for homes that mimicked the dynamic movement of flowers in nature. Their idea is beautiful, and you're definitely going to want one in your living room.

Made from extremely thin layers of silk, The Shylight is a lamp that literally comes to life when you turn it on. It's motions are unpredictable, which was an intentional nod to how things move in nature.

Controlled by the owner's smart device, the Shylight can sway, bloom, and transform to music, making it just about the coolest light fixture imaginable. Though Shylights aren't available yet to consumers, we're certain that this idea is going to bloom beautifully.

Source: thisiscolossal