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18 Celebrities Who Faced Adversity And Refused To Give Up.

Normally when people are given a bad health diagnosis they have to make a decision from two choices. One of those choices is to crawl into a hole, stop living and just suffer in private. A lot of people actually make this decision and who can blame them really? Not many people want to be a spectacle for others to watch and talk about.

The other choice though is to continue to live out the rest of their lives and let the disease try to catch up. These types of people just keep on going and find a way to deal with whatever is affecting them. Those that are in the celebrity status will sometimes even become proactive and help drum up support to fight the disease.

Today you will see plenty of people who didn’t let their disorders slow them down one bit.

#1. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel has dyspraxia, a developmental disorder in the brain that causes issues while performing activities that need coordination and movement. His experience allows him to share advice and support to those suffering from it as well.

Daniel Radcliffe


#2. Lil Wayne

When people started to notice that there was something wrong with Lil Wayne, he was forced to share with the world that that he suffered from seizures. He announced that he has had epilepsy for most of his life.

Lil Wayne

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#3. Sharon Stone

In 2001, Sharon Stone suffered a stroke that resulted in a ruptured aneurysm and cerebral bleeding that continued for a horrific nine days. The results afterwards included impaired speech, inability to read and limping. She did manage to come back and was back on the silver screen just five years later. Now she helps and supports people who are seriously ill. In 2013, she even received the Nobel Peace Summit Award for her contributions to charity.

Sharon Stone


#4. Ben Stiller

In 2014, Ben Stiller was told that he had prostate cancer. He had surgery to remove his prostate and he is now cancer free. He learned from the experience and now he supports 25 organizations, including the Cancer Research Institute and the Cancer Patient Support Foundation.

Ben Stiller

20th Century Fox

#5. Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox was told that he had Parkinson's disease back in 1991. He continued his brilliant acting career anyway and has received numerous awards in the process. He started a fund that was worth $450 million in order to research a cure.

Michael J. Fox

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