By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Truly Mind-Bending 3D Sidewalk Paintings You Will Swear Are Real.

When most of us buy chalk, it's for our children to decorate our sidewalks with clouds, design a hopscotch game, or draw a few hearts here and there. When Nikolaj Arndt picks up a piece of chalk, it's to create amazing 3D art on the streets of Europe. The Russian artist moved to Germany in 2006. It was there that he discovered street art festivals. Within three years, he was showcasing his own work as a participant.

The 3D drawings form illusions like an orca whale swimming out of a hole on the sidewalk or a lion walking towards you. For Arndt, his goal is very straight forward. “For me the main thing in art is to give positive emotions to the audience. When people are smiling, looking at my pictures, I’m happy.”

When he is not painting with chalk, Arndt teaches at a private art school as well as produces commissioned work for galleries and advertising agencies.

Arndt's inspiration comes from walking on the street. He begins to imagine the world that lives underneath the concrete.

The Russian artist loves to see people interact with his creations.

"Those who want to try their hand at street art, I would say: 'Do not be afraid to experiment.' Try something new, it is always interesting."

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