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This Illustrator’s Funny Pub Signs Will Have You Thirsting For A Drink.

Local pubs tend to be more or less the same. Good beer paired with delicious sandwiches to be shared among friends is the perfect atmosphere for a good time. Unless you have set foot in a place, it’s hard to decide which restaurant and bar is the best location to hang out at.

That’s when local artist Ollie Wolff Pruitt aka littlwolff stepped in. Pruitt uses her skills to make fun and comical sandwich boards to entice new clients in at Spirit's Tavern in Dahlonega, Georgia.

“These signs have turned into a real joy for me and are often the highlight of my week,” Pruitt wrote on her Imgur profile. Her quirky street signs have certainly helped bring in new faces and more business at the joint. Pruitt often searches the internet for inspiration but she is also more than happy to take suggestions from customers. Here are some of her favourite signs so far.

Often times Pruitt brings her dog with her while she works. This is not a problem for people walking by as he loves everyone.

It's easy to do the job when you love the local joint. "They have incredible burgers and other delicious food options, plus tons of tasty drinks," admits Pruitt.

The local pub in Dahlonega in Georgia is located at the start of the Appalachian Trail.

Pruitt has a day job with her art. She sometimes runs out of ideas and she admits to, "shamelessly plagiarize from the internet."

The dog drinking a beer is the first sign she ever made for the pub.

She had no idea her artwork would get so popular. Now patrons anxiously await for the next street sign enticing them to go in.

She also created the Wayward Pet Series. It consists of animals wearing people's clothes with a quirky and fascinating story.

This is Scotch Frankfurt. He is, "the son of an angry German father and a sweet, but alcoholic Scottish mother, he immigrated to America in the early 20th century and opened the Warbington Place Hotel."

The local paper did a story on Pruitt and what her work has meant for the pub. Pruitt happily exclaimed, "I didn't even get arrested, Mom!"

She gets a lot of her internet art from the comics, The Oatmeal. Don't worry, she credits them when she uses their work.

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