Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

10 Road Signs That Will Make You Do A Double Take.

#6. Be Large And Shout

Be Large And Shout

VI Wilds

This sign gives great instructions on how to handle a mountain lion encounter, but it's not exactly comforting. It includes everything you need, except how to actually fight back if a lion attacks. This sign is no joke, unlike the next sign, so make sure you pay close attention to the advice!

#7. Got The Funny?

Got The Funny?

Fox 5 Atlanta

You would think that this was a clever way to get people to head into a bar downtown, but it's actually a sign in front of a gas station in Seattle. Sometimes people just want to put in a little extra effort in to make someone smile. If you thought this sign was funny, then you're sure to think the next ones is funny, too!

#8. Don't Update While Crossing The Street

Don't Update While Crossing The Street

Hollywood Reporter

Hayward, a suburb of San Francisco, wasn't exactly trying to be funny when they put up this new sign. It literally is dangerous to have your head stuck in the phone while you're trying to cross the street. People aren't expecting to see a sign like this, so it might actually work. This next sign probably doesn't work as well.

#9. Drink Up, Boys

Drink Up, Boys


These signs not only make us laugh, they serve as a reminder to not take things so seriously, as well. That Wendy's sign is certainly worth a second look because whoever put it up definitely wanted to make people laugh. Check out this next sign, which is pretty funny, but definitely not on purpose.

#10. Too Many Fields And No Opportunities

Too Many Fields And No Opportunities

Venturing 4th

When you enter Iowa, they welcome you with a sign that offers "fields of opportunities," but perhaps what they really meant to offer was just fields, considering there are way more fields than actual opportunities. Unless you're looking for a farming opportunity, of course! If that's the case, than you're on the right path!

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