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20 Reasons You Should Keep Those Silica Gel Packs, #17 Is A Life Saver.

You might think to yourself, "What is a silica gel bag?" We can guarantee that you've seen these tiny silicon dioxide bags in items which you've purchased. They come in everything from sealed packs of food or medicine to sealed packages you get your deliveries in. And you've probably been just as confused as us figuring out what exactly they do!

From a blind eye, they look pretty useless. It doesn't seem like they're doing anything in the sealed packages we receive them in and you always end up throwing them away. Well, stop trashing them and start collecting them! These little packets can actually come in handy and various situations.

#1. Defense Chemical

Let's start off with what they're actually meant to do, which is to kill bacteria and absorb extra moisture within your packages.

Defense Chemical

#2. Odor Killer

They can remove stinky odors from smelly clothes. Just apply one to a sheet or towel the next time it needs its odor fixed.

#3. Dull Blades

Razors and other blades all eventually go dull. You can keep them sharp longer by placing them into a closed container along with a silica bag.

#4. Water Damage

Is your phone not water proof? Did you accidentally drop it in the toilet, pool, or had something spill on it? A lot of people like to use the rice grain trick, but you could also the silica trick and place your phone in a jar that's filled with silica packs.

#5. Fog Remover

Windshield fog has always been a pain. You have to defrost over and over when you're driving a foggy ride. Remove the fog from within your car by placing silica bags under your windshield inside the car.

Fog Remover

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