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By Huong Ngo

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20 Reasons You Should Keep Those Silica Gel Packs, #17 Is A Life Saver.

#6. Wet Vacations Clothes

Sometimes when we go on vacation, we don't have enough time to wash and/or dry our wet clothes. And nobody likes putting wet clothes into their luggage. The next time you might find yourself in this situation, try putting your wet clothes or wet towel into a bag filled with silica gels. The more packets the better. It should suck all the moisture out!

Wet Vacations Clothes

#7. Protect Silver

You might not know this, but sometimes moisture is what causes corrosion on silver and other jewelry. Prevent this from happening by slipping a silica gel packet into your jewelry box.

#8. Gardening

If you've got some seeds stored for gardening next year, you need to make sure that they don't mold. You can make sure of this by placing them in a container with a silica gel pack. Make sure it's airtight!

#9. Pills and Vitamins

Store your pill and vitamins with a silica gel packet to help preserve their freshness! Otherwise, the moisture can lead to spoilage, decomposition, and mold.

#10. Protect Documents

Keep your important and personal papers extra protected by putting them in a bag filled with some silica gel packets.

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