By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Panda Hilariously Sums Up The Struggles Of Having A Drunk Friend.

Most of you have probably been through it before: One minute, you're having cocktails with your friend (a self-described party animal). The next, you're following them closely as they stumble down the street, attempting to pour their intoxicated body into the car, and frustratedly questioning why they feel the need to A) eat several tacos at two in the morning B) text their ex, or C) remove their shoes.

If dealing with a drunk friend like this sounds all too familiar , then you'll certainly appreciate the work of these zoo employees at the panda exhibit.

Sure, the panda might not be drunk on alcohol, but he's certainly drunk on something. Watching him flop around his enclosure is hilarious, and will definitely remind you of that one time you took your friend to a $2 tequila happy hour.

This panda refused to get down from a tree without a hug first.

Source: N.Funny