Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

They Turned An Old Grain Silo Into The Tiny Home Of Your Dreams.

Could you imagine living inside a silo? Heck no! Silos are for grains, not people! Right? Well, architect Christoph Kaiser and his wife Shauna Thibault felt way different. They didn't want the cliche two bedroom, two bathroom home with a white picket fence. So in the process of challenging the high costs of owning a home and accruing a huge debt from a mortgage, the couple turned a 190 square foot silo made of corrugated steel-walls from 1955 into a charming, albeit tiny home in Phoenix, Arizona. With a lot of time and a lot of money, he scrounged up enough resources and used design flourishings to make a minimalist lifestyle seem irresistible.

There aren't too many people who would willingly choose to live in a grain silo.

But Christoph Kaiser and his wife Shauna Thibault don't mind micro-living in this urbanized home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Turning a compact place into something liveable proved to be quite a design challenge.

Fortunately, Kaiser's wife Shauna has always loved the minimalist life.

Now the hard part was in trying to figure out how to turn the silo in a home without making it feel cramped.

The idea of designing a home with all the necessities and essentials were somewhat easy to build, but he had to keep in mind that they'd be putting furniture in here as well.

The furniture had to compliment the architecture, not take away from it.

The architecture itself had to feed "their soul, as opposed to draining it.

The silo's transformation was remarkable, but it wasn't always intended to be a house.

They turned a rusted, metal cylinder Kaiser had bought on Craigslist into something he and his wife could live in, but he had originally gotten it only to store his garden tools.

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