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Couple Decides To Adopt Chinese Girl The Moment They See Her "Silver Eyes."

The family is more than happy with their decision to adopt Primrose, but they do receive a lot of questions.

And more often than not, people say sorry for Primrose's condition. But Chris always replies with, “There’s nothing scary about blindness, there’s nothing to apologize about."

People also took it so far as to ask the couple why they would adopt Primrose in the first place.

“Why wouldn’t we?” Chris would ask. "She is brilliant, even with her developmental delays, even with a genetic puzzle we are still piecing together,” Eryn wrote.

Despite her disabilities, Chris and Eryn couldn't be more happy with their decision.

“She is everything anyone could ever want in a child. Loving, affectionate, curious, precocious, joyful—and our family simply would be incomplete without her," Eryn explains.

Thanks to this loving couple, Primrose is able to have a family that will love her unconditionally. This just goes to show that everyone deserves love, and there's always someone willing to give it.

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