By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Fetch Is Boring. This Dog Wants To Be In A Band.

Sam .C and Lister make quite the musical duo, unlike anything you may have seen. Sam .C is in charge of the guitar and melodica while Lister is responsible for the jazzy howling...

Lister, who happens to be a vocalist of the canine variety, sings in perfect harmony and pitch with the instruments played.

This video has two renditions by Lister, who croons with a bluesy soul. The first is “Summertime” by George Gershwin and “Girl” by The Beatles.

Given the mellow tunes, it is easy to get lost in the music and allow our minds to drift with the soulful vocals of Lister. It is hard not to appreciate Lister’s unique yet highly effective musical styling.

Although the lead singer of the group is garnering the most attention, his partner who provides the musical accompaniment Sam .C, is also highly talented playing the two instruments while encouraging his furry companion to sing along.

After his successful debut, Lister is deserving of a dog treat!

Source: Sam .C