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22 Single Dads Who Are Breaking The Stigma Surrounding Single Parents.

Being a parent isn't easy, let alone being a single parent. When you have two parents, there's a balance between the two. When you're on your own, however, you have to act as both the father and the mother. Playing both roles can be difficult, but these single fathers are showing everyone how it should be done.

Single dads who are raising daughters have an even more unique challenge as their daughters don't have a woman role model to relate to in the household. But sometimes taking one for the team with some makeup or nail polish is all it takes. Anyone can have a child, but it's love and effort that makes you a parent.

#1. After the mom's death during the birth delivery, people helped the dad recreate recordings of the mom's lullabies for the baby.

The dad also plans on completing the wife's bucket list together with his new son.

#2. He's always planned on doing something like this for a woman.

But realized the most important female that deserves his attention was already right beside him.

#3. Single dads play the role of both mom and dad.

And sometimes that means dressing up in cooky costumes.

#4. This single dad makes heartwarming illustrations of his everyday life with his daughter.

She should ask him to make a comic book about their lives!

#5. A single dad who couldn't do his daughter's hair.

So to fix his problem, he went to beauty school.

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