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24 People Who Took Being Single To A Whole Other Level.

Being single has its ups and downs. Depending on your perspective, it can actually be quite fun, but then certain days of the year like Valentine's Day comes around and then you're reminded of how lonely you are. But even the most single of people can have a sense of humor when it all comes down to it. These cold-hearted people have actually turned the whole thing into one big joke. Why cry yourself to sleep when you can laugh?

If you've started feeling sad about being single lately, these jokes will cheer you up in no time.

#1. The perfect table for the singles.

Can I reserve this table for the rest of the year?

#2. Why leave the house and meet new people...

When you can stay home and devour a whole pizza to yourself?

#3. Don't let anyone stop you from your fort dreams.

Hell yeah! Octopus couch fort of singlehood success!

#4. There's going to be many confused and frustrated females.

Don't know how all the guys are going to explain that one.

#5. Best time to buy candy: immediately after Halloween.

Second best day to buy candy: February 15th.

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