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15 Winning Entries From The Siena International Photo Awards.

Every year photographers from all over the world make submissions to try and win a Siena International Photo Award. Over the years, it has become the photography contest with the highest number of entrants ever. The last contest received submissions from people representing over one hundred counties.

Not only do plenty of people submit pictures to the contest, but hundreds attend the event each year in person in Teatro dei Rozzi. The event has become so popular that it’s now streamed live over the internet so people can watch from all over the world.

Siena has become the annual destination for photographers looking for one of their prestigious awards. It could be called the Super Bowl of photography as it’s one of the most attended and watched events in the field.

Winning one of these awards means that a photographer is truly one of the best in the world at capturing something spectacular in pictures. When you see some of these below you’ll know that you are looking at some of the best there is without a doubt.

#1. Phan Rang Fishing Net Making, (1st Place In Open Color Category)

A woman, who is wearing a traditional cone style hat, is making a fishing net near Phan Rang, Vietnam.

#2. Strawberry Greenhouses, (1st Place In Travel Category)

This awesome picture was taken of a strawberry picker walking between the greenhouses. It was taken near Nazilli, Turkey.

#3. Smile (Honorable Mention In People And Portrait Category)

Here the photographer captured a picture at the perfect moment. It was taken during an assembly in the monastery of Labrang Lamasery. The purple robes were covered with snow and it made for a perfect picture when one of the young men turned around with a smile.

#4. Mangrove, Cuba (Honorable Mention In Nature Category)

Greg Lecoeur got this awesome but dangerous photograph in a mangrove in Cuba. You can see the alligator just below the surface and it's easy to see why it was in the running for the win.

#5. Sprinkle Net (Remarkable Award In Open Color Category)

Sometimes getting the perfect picture is just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. This is a beautiful shot of a sprinkle net being cast and you can see why it was a winner!

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