By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

An Italian Granny Tries Siri For The First Time... Her Frustration Is Hilarious.

Have you ever gotten into a serious altercation with the the Great and Powerful Siri? iPhone users all have their favorite Siri stories: The time Siri refused to locate their favorite restaurant, the time Siri didn't recognize their mom's phone number, or the time that Siri said she loved them.

Then, there's all those times that Siri simply just didn't understand. Watch this hilarious video - at the end you're going to totally feel this grandma's pain.

It's hard enough for Siri to understand even the clearest of voices - can you imagine if you were this woman? "Nonna Paola" is Italian by descent and Australian by residence, and her English isn't super great, either. We feel for her, especially because her son, 44-year-old Greg Lachimia, won't stop goading her into giving Siri commands.

We've all been there, Nonna Paola. Tell that Sira...err, Siri...who's boss.