By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Nuns Are Growing WEED As Part Of Their Mission From God.

Nuns are basically the last people you'd associate with marijuana, but these nuns aren't your average robed religious figures. They're the Sisters of the Valley, and they're known for their massive operation, growing and selling medical marijuana products.

The Sisters don't consider themselves traditionally religious, but their message is clear: “Working to bridge the gap between Earth and her suffering people.” According to them, medical marijuana is a very important part of that, and they let photographers Shaughn Crawford and John Dubois document their life's work.

Not an image you'd expect to see, but a compelling one nonetheless.

The Sisters cultivate weed according to the moon cycles, then harvest it to create medical remedies for their buyers.

Each plant and jar gets its own prayer before it's packaged and sold.

They have the whole thing down to a particular and necessary science.

According to the Sisters, their pot treats a variety of afflictions, including back pain, migraines, and anxiety.

The operation is licensed in the state of California, but government regulations may change and make it more difficult for the sisters to produce.

For now, though, these women continue to fight the good fight -- like many have said before, sometimes marijuana can truly be a spiritual experience.

Source: deMilked