By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Internet Found A Cat Sitting Strangely… And Then Made It Even Stranger.

Cat bodies are pretty malleable - their flexibility and incredibly pliable fur bodies make them excellent jumpers, balancers, and fallers. This quality also gives them the ability to contort themselves into weird positions while sitting or laying down - if you have a cat, you know exactly what we're talking about.

Perhaps the most awkward cat pose we've seen is this one, wherein the kitty in question seems to be squatting like a creepy little fur-covered ninja. Unable to simply let this photo exist freely in the world, the Internet decided to take the image to the next level, creating dozens of versions of this odd dude in various situations. The original photo is first, followed by the Internet's unparalleled brilliance. #17 is the obvious winner here - I really hope he ends up taking the Iron Throne.

#1. The one photo to rule them all.

#2. Just pumping some iron, no big deal.

#3. Worshiping upon the squatting throne.

#4. Seeing double.

#5. Said yes to the dress.

#6. Spidey-sense is strong in this one.

#7. I call this one "middle-aged suburban bartender who's still got it."


#9. It's all in the leg position.

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