By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

His Illustrations Were Already Brilliant… And THEN He Added Everyday Objects.

There are sketch artists and then there are sketch artists. When one thinks of the daily satirical drawings it’s easy to expect the standard stick man or woman, unless you follow Christoph Niemann. The visual columnist for The New York Times magazine incorporates everyday real objects and weds them with his sketches.

The multi-faceted artist creates his funny illustrations when is not busy working on his political cartoons for the famed magazine.

The reader is taken in to a visual mind game where scissors are used as legs and a white pump as a shark in his Abstract Sunday series. The real question becomes, what comes first the sketch or the object? That is not something Niemann seems to be divulging anytime soon.

Born in Germany, Niemann’s work is as vast as his imagination with his illustrations appearing with clients such as Google, The New Yorker, Amtrak and The Museum of Modern Art.