By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

His Humans Want To Enjoy A Day On The Slopes, But He Has A Better Idea.

As you're coasting down the incline on your top-of-the-line skis, gracefully descending the snowy mountain with the poise of a winter god or goddess, you keep your eyes out for other skiers, sections of treacherous ice, and maybe even a tree branch or two. What you don't necessarily watch out for is a playful dog, but hey: On the slopes, anything can happen, even a quick game of fetch.

YouTuber Ann Luttinger captured this footage at a ski resort in Leukerbad, Switzerland. Here, you can see an energetic border collie who gets in the way of two skiers, unbothered by the fact that they're kind of trying to do something, here. He engages them a rousing game of fetch, and a few times, his enthusiasm gets the best of him and he falls face-first into the snow. Hey, better him then the skiers - his center of gravity is lower.

Source: Ann Luttinger