By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Death-Defying Ski Jump Will Have You Screaming ‘NO WAY’ At Your Screen.

One of the first things that 7-time X Games medalist and 3-time Real Ski Champion Sammy Carlson says in the video below is that "The whole idea of the ski-flying hill was just to try and go as big as I possibly could." Once you see the massive structure that he plans to ski off of, you're realize that he really wasn't kidding: This thing is huge, and Carlson has every intention of conquering it.

If he succeeds, Carlson will earn the honor of being the first skier to hit a “ski-flying” long jump with freestyle intent. Located in upper Michigan, the jump is 26 stories tall, the ramp has a 364-foot vertical drop at a 35 degree angle, and could make for a jump that's over 500 feet long.

“When we showed up it was a ghost ramp. It not been hit in twenty years,” Carlson said in an interview. “The people helping me from the community where just as committed as I was to hitting the ramp. It was true team effort.”

What you'll see below is two years in the making, and it's definitely going to blow your mind.

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Source: Teton Gravity Research