By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Lamb Born Without Fleece Was Gifted A Fluffy Replacement… And It’s Genius.

A lamb born without a wool coat needed to depend on other sheep to keep him warm. Named Skippy for its resemblance to a kangaroo, was abandoned by his mother right after birth. Farm owner Sally-Ann Fisher from Ramsbury, England, adopted Skippy and has hand-reared him since his birth 13 days ago.

Fisher doesn't know if the animal’s lack of fleece is due to a health problem. “He's just unlucky, but he's doing great,” says Fisher. The staff at Chilton Foliat estate farm made Skippy’s bulky sweater, this will help keep him warm at night. No word yet how the other sheep feel about Skippy’s fluffy and borrowed apparel.

According to Hannah Park from the National Sheep Association, Skippy's condition is rare.

"Some breeds with less wool might be susceptible but it is extremely unusual and not something we would see," says Park.

Source: BBC Wiltshire