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The World’s Fluffiest Cat Is Basically A White Cloud With Paws.

Sky the cat is not overweight, he just has a lot of fur. The six-year-old only weighs 14 pounds but the massive amount of fluff makes him look like three to four times his actual size. The Ragdoll breed is usually long and muscular, as well as docile.

Sky’s human Lauren, began an Instagram account for her cat last year and most photos portray the feline doing his favourite activity; being lazy. His Instagram profile even acknowledges his talent, “I make lazy look good.”

"People actually comment on how overweight he is and how it is sad that I let him get to that point when in fact he's actually, according to the vet, 'in excellent shape,'" says Lauren.

"Pamper me. I'm sick." #typicalman #skytheragdoll

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"Welcome back winter fur coat; goodbye to my face." #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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Sky has over 46,000 followers who love to see him do nothing all day.

"Hey people, stop calling me round! I'm square." #skytheragdoll #catsofinstagram #squarecat

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"Suck on this succulents. This is my shelf." #skytheragdoll

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Bathroom sink full of fluff.

"If I fits, I sits. Goodnight." #skytheragdoll #weeklyfluff

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"Just hanging out..." #skytheragdoll #repost #weeklyfluff

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You can follow Sky the Ragdoll on his Instagram account.

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