By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s The World’s First ‘Floating’ Pool, And It Lets You Swim In Mid-Air.

Swimming in a pool in an apartment building might not sound glamorous, but then again, this isn't the chlorine-saturated basement of a low cost apartment in the Midwest. This pool is right in the heart of London - and cuts right through the middle of the sky.

Though it's just in the planning stages, this pool won't be for the faint of heart: It's over 100 feet in the air, and it's completely see-through. Think of it swimming through the sky - if that piques your interest, check out the photos below.

It's going to be in the Embassy Gardens complex in London, and it's called the Sky Pool. It's totally translucent, encased in thick glass, and allows swimmers to enjoy the views of London while they paddle along at 115 feet.

The pool won't be for everyone: The height alone will cause some folks to shy away. Would you be able to swim here?

And if you are brave enough, the odds are that you still won't be able to swim here: The units in the Embassy Gardens are slated to cost upwards of $900,000.

This place brings new meaning to the word "skydiving."

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