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A Giant Wolf Appeared In The Sky… And It’s Got A Lot Of People Spooked.

When Marja-Terttu Karlsson left her home in Pajala to photograph the northern lights, she didn't expect to take what will likely be the most breathtaking photo of her lifetime. In fact, she didn't even realize what she had captured in the moment -- only when she went home and uploaded the photos to her computer did she realize what had happened.

The northern lights had inexplicably taken the shape of a wolf, looming large over the sky like some kind of powerful celestial being. It's hard to believe that the image below is for real (after the photo went viral, some people have even contacted Karlsson to criticize her for tampering with the image) but she assures everyone that what you see in the photo is exactly what was captured with her camera. Ultimately, this goes to show you just how incredible Mother Nature can really be.

Marja-Terttu Karlsson

– I thought "oh my God, it resembles a fox or a wolf or something." I didn't know when I photographed what I got. It was amazing, she says.

Northern lights are common in the arctic region of the northern hemisphere and are caused by the solar wind colliding with the atmosphere. Recent years northern lights have been getting more common, caused by increased solar activity.

Ms Karlssons picture of the celestial animal has since become a viral success. It has been shared thousands of times on Facebook, but has also raised suspicion. Several people have been in contact with both SVT nyheter Norrbotten and the photographer herself, to question the authenticity of the picture.

– They think it is fake, but I can assure all sceptics that it's genuine, Ms Karlsson tells SVT nyheter Norrbotten.

Source: svt