By Sheyla

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These Stunning Examples Of Astral Photography Just Filled Me With Awe.

Cultures from around the world have looked up at the stars at night in wonder to establish what is beyond the night sky. Today with the use of advanced technology in photography, the most amateur shutterbug can capture impressive photos of our celestial sphere.

There are a couple of tips for those feeling intimidated capturing the upper atmosphere. The first suggestion is to wait for a cloudless night. Or at the very least, ensure the clouds are sparse enough as they can create great contrast with stars.

  • If you are in an urban area, drive to a remote location as the less artificial light the better.
  • Take a night light to adjust the settings in your camera.
  • Not sure where to point? To locate stars and planets quickly you may want to consider downloading the app Sky Map on iTunes.
  • A tri-pod is essential as it may be quite a few takes for you to capture the photo that you love.
  • Be patient and enjoy the process.

Here are some avid photographers around the world sharing their passion for the night life.



Washington, USA

Ancient Tree

Great Nebula in Orion

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