By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

35 Pointlessly Brilliant Items You’ll Never NOT Buy From SkyMall Again. RIP Old Friend.

Since 1989, many travelers have found entertainment by browsing through the inflight SkyMall magazine. SkyMall has offered a variety of cool and sometimes quirky merchandise that at one time could not be found anywhere else. After all these years of being a staple in the seat pockets of domestic flights, the company filed for bankruptcy protection last week. According to the Wall Street Journal, they simply couldn't keep up with all the other e-commerce competitors. The company wont exist anymore unless someone comes forward and purchases it before March 24th.

Last week, SkyMall fully suspended their retail catalog operation. But have no fear, we have listed 35 unique items that you can still buy from their website. Maybe you will see something that you like and your purchase might just help to save them.

#1. Beer Pouch Hoodies

#2. Remote Controlled Tarantula Spider

#3. Bigfoot Garden Yeti Statues

#4. Touch Mesh Phone Wrist Wallet

#5. Dragon Protector Box

#6. NY Pizza Scented T-Shirt

#7. Umbra Fish Hotel Fish Bowl

#8. Night Glow Toilet Seat

#9. Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt

#10. Winky Cross Body Bag

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