By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Old-Fashioned Flower Crowns Are Better Than Anything You See At Coachella.

Beauty trends are always cool to see and learn about, but they're especially compelling when they're steeped in history and cultural tradition. That's what makes the work of photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bojda so amazing: They're preserving traditional Slavic attire and showcasing it in a very modern way.

The Polish pair are fascinated and enamored with the floral head wreaths of Slavic folklore, an iconic part of religious and secular ceremonies like funerals, birthdays, and marriages. The head wreaths were especially important on Easter, at which time they were extraordinarily elaborate.

Check out some of the artists' work below -- these stunning images are certainly going to raise awareness on a cultural tradition that few know about, and that shouldn't be allowed to fade into obscurity.

The amazing floral headdresses can range from blinding white petals to surprisingly saturated colors.

The most surprising part of these head wreaths? The fact that they're actually handcrafted from twists of different paper.

Some of them are stunningly complex, far surpassing a typical floral head wreath and verging into "crown fit for floral-minded royalty."

Together with the styling and makeup of these images, these floral head wreaths are truly breathtaking.

Source: deMilked