By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Fell Asleep At Work, The Internet’s Response Was Hilarious.

If you're going to be the guy that falls asleep at work, you're going to have to deal with the consequences -- even if that means becoming a viral sensation.

One Redditor uploaded a photo of himself, on his second day of work at a tech startup. Inexplicably, he fell asleep at his desk (yup, on day two), and his coworkers decided to use the opportunity wisely.

Naturally, when he uploaded the image to Reddit, the internet took it upon itself to have a field day. Check out some of their amazing Photoshop creations below -- we're betting that this guy won't fall asleep on the job ever again.

Here's the original image.

In this moment, we are all Sleeping Guy.

Mr. Burns does not approve.

Where modern day art meets the classics.

Hey, why not?

He could be living this dream if he wasn't sleeping all the time.

At least he made it to the Oscars.

So majestic in his slumber.

You know nothing, Sleeping Guy.

The moment when he realized everything.

Sleeping like an angel.

He'll be sorry he missed this.

The Last Sleeping Supper.

This is what we all dream of.

Why not sleep, when reality is such a nightmare?

And finally, this particular edit puts a disturbing lens on this whole thing.

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