By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Sleeping Pig Will Only Wake Up For Cookies… OMG This Is Funny.

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide what’s more important; eating a snack or taking a well-deserved siesta. After a long day full of activity, a pig is enjoying a snooze, hidden from daylight under a blanket. The only visible body part is its pink snout.

Taking long breaths in and out, the pig in the blanket is in deep sleep. Except when a cookie is placed near its nose. Its breathing gets deeper and stronger. Instead, of coming out of its warm bed for a dessert, the piglet still makes the choice to continue snoozing away. Although, it hasn't given up on that cookie yet. It's hard to tell if the pig wakes up at any point.

In this video, you will discover the lengths the little animal will go to enjoy both its nap and a tempting sweet treat. This little guy is a master multi-tasker.

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Source: Nicolle von Eberkopf