By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

This Lazy Dog Is So Photogenic He Doesn’t Even Have To Wake Up During A Photo Shoot.

Sara Rehnmark, an actress and blogger from Santa Monica, California, enjoys sharing photos and videos of her dog Rufus. The 3-year-old pharaoh hound loves spazzing out, running, playing at the beach and sleeping. Rehnmark says Rufus even smiles on command when he's happy or sneezes too much.

Pharaoh hounds are one of the oldest known domesticated dogs. Their origins trace back to ancient Egypt to 3000 BC. They are known for the unique characteristic of blushing when they get excited. Their ears and nose turn a rosy color.

While Rufus is napping, Sara turns the photogenic pup into different characters and creates magical scenes using props from around the house.

I think my dog is hilarious. He’s been a goofball ever since he was a puppy. I take pictures and videos of Rufus because he CRACKS me up and makes me smile!!! I hope he’ll crack you up too. :)

- Sara Rehnmark

You can follow Rufus on Facebook, Twitter, and RaisingtheRuf.

Rufus taking a stroll through the night on his broom.

Rufus doing some Housekeeping.

Rufus the reindeer.

Rufus getting ready to go on vacation.

Rufus roasting marshmallows.

Rufus's typical morning routine

Rufus the magician.

Rufus the stuffed animal.

Rufus the horse.

Rufus getting his tan on at the beach.

Source: boredpanda.com