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Sleeping Twins Have No Idea They Go On Magical Adventures At Naptime.

Motherhood is exhausting. Not only do you have to walk around with another human being inside you for nine whole months, you have to actually take care of that little human after he or she comes out of you. Now imagine finding out that you have a set of twins inside you.

A lot of mothers might dread the task of raising two kids at the same time as it can be very challenging. This Japanese mother, however, has gladly accepted the challenge and actually makes being a mother of twins fun.

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Instead of taking her well-deserved nap whenever the twins are put to sleep, she instead uses that time to take her kids on adventures (without waking them up).

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Of course you can't just do this with any sleeping set of twins. These twins are special as they tend to sleep in unique sleeping positions.

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Inspired by their sleeping positions, the mom usually bases their adventures around their positions. As you can see, the mom is very creative with all her different scenarios.

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What we can't figure out is how she gets them into all these costumes without waking them up. However she does it, we can't wait to see what future scenarios she has up her sleeves.

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