Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

10 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love To Sleep.

#6. Fitglam is made of natural silk and comes with eyelash patterns so everyone will know you're asleep.

The natural mulberry silk of the mask is so soft and smooth, you'll be experiencing a total blackout no matter where you are. The mask is also protein rich and breathable, so you won't wake up with swollen and puffy eyes.

#7. This pillow muffler is ideal for when you really need to take a nap in the middle of a study session.

Say you're at the library and you've been studying trigonometry, but it was so boring that it knocked you right out. Now you can take this pillow out, which provides you so much comfort, and take a quick nap. In fact, you'll feel so refreshed when you get up, you might be able to make sense of whatever it is you were studying.

#8. This rocking bed is the ultimate solution for those of you who are still crybabies at heart.

When you were young you were rocked to sleep, which you found oh-so-soothing. Now, this rocking bed can provide you the same motion your mommy and daddy gave you when you couldn't sleep at night. It's better than asking your parents to rock you as an adult. Awkward.

#9. This drawstring travel hoodie pillow will help you to wake up without experiencing neck pain.

It contains an inflatable inner pillow so you can use it while traveling on a long road trip, or when you're at home watching television. It's so comfy and easy to take with you anywhere.

#10. There are a few things that can interrupt a good night's sleep and that includes any type of light.

It could be the blue light from your Smartphone, or sunlight in the morning. Regardless, when you need to sleep, light is not your friend. So, a sleep mask that embodies the sloth, who's any sleep lover's spirit animal, can keep you in the dark until you're ready to wake up.

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