Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

28 Funny Pets Sleeping In The WEIRDEST Places.

Pets have it so easy. Everything is literally taken care of for them. They're provided with free shelter, free food, and a loving family. They even get their poop picked up for them! Domesticated pets are living the most stress-less lives possible.

They wake up, eat, play, nap, eat, play, and go back to sleep. And because they have such uneventful routines, they tend to sleep A LOT.

If you own a pet, you've most likely already bought them a bed of their own to sleep on. Unfortunately, the bed isn't used as much as it should be.

Most pets seem to think that they can sleep wherever they want. Well, they're right.

#1. This tissue box works.

#2. What, you don't stretch in your sleep?

#3. What a pleasant surprise!

A surprise I wouldn't mind seeing at work everyday.

#4. Perfect shape.

#5. When you interrupt your pup's nap time to force them into shopping with you.

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