By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

15 Funny (Honest) Illustrations That Perfectly Explain Your Love Of Sleep.

Sometimes it takes super human strength to get me out of bed. I love my bed, my pillow, my sheets but most importantly my sleep. Perhaps it’s because I try to be as productive as possible during my waking hours so those extra five, ten or 15 minutes are justifiable.

Lingvistov knows a lot of people like me; those who loving staying a little longer in dreamland. The duo behind the name: Asia and Landysh are linguistic graduates from Russia. They teach English via Skype while also educating folks on things like pick-up lines or ways to tell someone to be quiet. Their humorous approach led them to create illustrations with a quirky twist.

Their latest series, 15 Things People Who Love To Sleep Truly Understand, tries to explain to those who get by on only a couple of hours of sleep what they’re missing. And speaking as an authority, they hit the mark with these images.

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