By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Photographer Uses An Amazing Technique To Make Toys Come To Life.

For photographer Felix Hernandez, the art of taking a picture is more than just depicting what's in front of him -- he wants to express what's inside of him as well.

"Ever since I was a kid I used to spend hours alone in my room playing with my toys," Hernandez wrote on Peta Pixel. Now that I’m a 'grownup,' I’ve realized that I never stopped playing and that the only difference is that now I have a camera on my hands."

Fernandez uses small models and special effects to create amazing miniature scenes that look like the real deal on camera. His work is technically impressive and also a lot of fun to look at. See some of his epic scenes (and how he sets them up) below.

"Scale is one of the most important aspects of my photography. If what you want is to give the sense of 'realism' to your scaled models (toys), you will generally need to get close with your camera."

Hernandez shoots with a 24-105mm lens, which helps him get a wider depth of field on his miniature subjects.

Then, he shoots them in the same way any photography would shoot a product for a commercial (only on a much smaller scale).

The coolest part about his photos of these miniatures is that he creates realistic environments for them to pose in.

And they really do look like epic scenes from a movie -- at first glance, you totally wouldn't realize it was a toy.

He does use Photoshop, particularly in those images that need a sense of motion.

"My small scale photography is just a mix of playing and technical photography," Hernandez wrote. "The hardest part lies in our minds and in our hearts — staying childish, foolish, an dreamy."

Source: PetaPixel