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Award-Winning Photos Capture The Surreal Beauty Of The Microscopic World.

The 2016 Nikon Small World Photography winners have been announced and there is no shortage of spectacular pictures for you to see. The top prize went to Dr. Oscar Ruiz for the photo he submitted of four-day-old zebrafish.

The contest features submissions from entrants all across the globe. They are given the task of showing the technical skill and beauty that can be found only in the smallest parts of our vast world. Entrees had to be taken with microphotography and as you will see there were some really beautiful submissions.

Below you will find the top twenty photographs as voted on by the judges. You can only wonder how some of these shots were taken. Some of what you are about to see will blow your mind. So get comfortable because you can’t look at some of these just once!

1st Place winner

Dr. Oscar Ruiz submitted the winning photograph of a four-day-old zebrafish embryo.

2nd Place finisher

Douglas L. Moore of the University of Wisconsin entered this picture of a polished slab of Teepee Canyon agate.

3rd Place finisher

Rebecca Nutbrown of the University of Oxford submitted this photograph of a culture of neurons that are stained green derived from actual human skin cells. It also captured Schwann cells, which is a second type of brain cell. You can see them in the stained red. The picture finished in third place.

A butterfly

Jochen Schroeder of Thailand submitted this picture of a butterfly proboscis. It came in 4th place.

The front foot of a male diving beetle

The 5th place photo was submitted by Dr. Igor Siwanowicz of the Howard Hughes Medical institute in Virginia.

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