By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like An Ordinary Mannequin, But Look What It Can Do… Genius.

Fashion designers no longer have to stick to the same measurements when designing their clothes. The new i.Dummy is a mannequin that changes its shape and size with the touch of a button. Associate professor Dr. Allan Chan Chee-Kooi at Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Institute of Textiles and Clothing, led his team to develop this new technology.

"This robotic mannequin i.Dummy is unique in the sense that all changes are three-dimensional, varying in width, thickness, and length all at once automatically,” explains Chan.

The smart mannequin is preset to six global sizes but it can easily be modified. Once a new shape and measurement is made, the 3D model saves the configuration. The i. Dummy can be controlled through a Graphic User Interface (GUI) from a computer or by using Bluetooth technology from a smart phone.

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Source: Brand Hong Kong