By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

20 Science-Backed Signs You’re WAY Smarter Than You Think.

For the most part, we all consider ourselves to be smarter than the average bear. But how do we quantify that intelligence? Are there certain characteristics that we have that really make us smarter than other people?

Below are 20 scientifically analyzed factors that may make you smarter than your neighbor, and some of the causalities are truly surprising. Granted, these don't apply to everyone -- there is always an anomaly or two -- but it sure is interesting to think about. #15 will definitely appeal to all of the blue-eyed folks out there.

#1. You took music lessons. Studies show that music helps young minds develop faster, improving verbal intelligence scores overall.

#2. You're tall. One Princeton study found that taller people scored higher on IQ tests as kids, and taller adults earned more money.

#3. You have a lot of sex. Research has shown that students at prestigious universities spend more money on sex toys than other schools, implying that those students are having more sex.

#4. You're the oldest. Oldest siblings are usually smarter, according to a study done to examine IQ and birth order.

#5. You're funny. One study showed that the students with the highest intelligence also came up with the funniest captions for cartoons.

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