By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Photographer Captures People’s INSTANT Reaction When Told ‘You Are Beautiful’.

A kind word to a stranger can mean a world of difference. We are so busy and caught up in our everyday tasks that we often forget to acknowledge those around us. Still, giving someone a genuine, heartfelt compliment will win over hearts instantly.

And with magazine ads, billboards, and commercials, women in particular often feel the pressure of just not being pretty enough. When the standard of beauty has been set, very few can actually meet those unrealistic benchmarks.

Mehmet Genç aka Rotasiz Seyyah has made it his mission to tell the women he meets on his travels they are beautiful. The photographer captures the before and after of his subjects receiving such a compliment. The You Are So Beautiful series has him visiting countries like the Amazon in Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Belize.

Rotasiz Seyyah which translates to "nomad without a route," in Turkish, left his profession in IT to follow his passion for photography in 2010.

Seyyah's goal is to travel the world for 1,001 days, he began this journey on December 14, 2014.

He began the You are so Beautiful series on January, 2015.

When Seyyah was sent to a training for his job to Taiwan, it was the first time he had travelled outside his native Turkey. He credits that experience with changing his life.

He has learned Spanish, English, and other native languages in order to communicate with his subjects.

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