They Found This Poor Baby Lamb Roaming The Streets Of NYC.

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Maxine had a little lamb and its fleece was not as white as snow. This might sound like the incorrect rendition of a children’s classic poem but it is the real life story of one New Yorker who became the surrogate mother to a very special animal.

After having been rejected by its own mother, a lamb named Smokey was rescued at just four days old by Maxine Cher and her boyfriend and taken from the barnyard to their apartment in the big city. Maxine has found raising Smokey to be similar to raising a child including running diaper duty, formula-feeding and giving lots of love and cuddles.

Smokey is a celebrity of sorts, constantly being approached by passersby and even maintaining its own stardom in the realm of social media. However, once the lamb is old enough to eat on its own, it will head back to the farm it came from but it is safe to say, it will leave a lot of broken hearts behind.

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