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She Found A Snake In A Beer Can… Her Next Move Took A LOT Of Guts.

Littering hurts everyone, and that's why we should always clean up after ourselves. Chanda Lowe recently shared a unique story about how trash almost killed a California whipsnake near her home.

The Southern Californian woman was out hiking when she encountered a cruel sight: a striped racer was caught in a beer can that someone had left on the ground. The snake was struggling to stay alive.

Snakes aren't the most approachable animals out there, and Lowe admitted that she almost left it to die. In the end, she decided to treat it as she would any other living creature.

"The hole in the side of the can was too small for the snake to get its entire body through, leaving it stuck in the can," Lowe wrote online.

"The snake was able to get its head out through the pop-top, but its body remained trapped in the can."

She brought the snake home so that she could cut the can and treat its wounds with an antibiotic ointment. During its recovery, she let her son's science teacher keep it in the classroom to teach the students about the real effects of trash.

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A woman was hiking near her home in Southern California when she came across this horrific sight.

A California whipsnake was struggling to free itself from this beer can.

It was able to wiggle its way through the pop-top, but couldn't make it all the way out.

The snake was hurting itself in the process due to the sharp edges of the aluminum.

Chanda Lowe decided to bring the snake back, and released it from the trap. However, it was badly injured.

Lowe brought the student to her son's science classroom, but she visited and reapplied antibiotics each morning.

Although the snake was a great classroom ambassador, they did some research and learned that it wouldn't fare well in captivity.

So, Lowe brought it back to where she found it.

Ah, free at last!

Kids and adults alike should remember to pick up their trash and remind others to do the same whenever possible.

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