By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Can You Spot The 11 Deliberate Mistakes In This Snickers Advert?

Despite their perfectly glossy images seducing consumers to buy what they are selling, advertisers sometimes make epic Photoshop mistakes. It’s hard to imagine how these blunders got past the creators and editors. Snickers as in the chocolate bars company, has an explanation for the faux pas.

These hardworking employees were in desperate need of a snack when they made the goof-ups. For their latest ad, Snickers shows a beautiful model posing in a yellow bikini. Except the image is a bit chaotic with a couple of things missing, relocated, and even added. The reason? “Photo retouchers get CONFUSED when they’re hungry.”

Some of the obvious slip-ups are the extra hand and the missing handbag. But the creative minds of this photo wanted to throw a challenge. There are 11 retouching errors in the photo, can you spot them all? Here’s one hint: look at the name on the wrapping.

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Source: petapixel