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Celine Dion Had An UNEXPECTED Reaction To Ariana Grande’s SNL Skit.

Ariana Grande got a rare opportunity last Saturday night: She performed as both the musical guest and host of Saturday Night Live. Grande was actually kind of perfect for the job. Not only can the 22-year-old artist sing, but she's really, really good at impressions.

In fact, they used her special talent in one sketch, wherein Grande played a shy Tidal intern named Chloe that had to single-handedly save the streaming service by doing her best impressions of artists like Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Celine Dion.

You might think that a big name like Dion would have a negative reaction to Grande's impersonation of her signature singing style, but her real reaction was actually kind of unexpected. Before you find out what it is, check out the performance below.

Wasn't that a dead-on Dion? So, waws the French Canadian balladeer peeved about Grande's performance? "No, no, no!" Grande said in a radio interview after the show. "When I met Celine, she told me, she was like, 'When I saw you, I peed!'"

Source: Saturday Night Live

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