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By Camila VillafaƱe

LifeBuzz Staff

Pets See Snow For The First Time And Their Expressions Say It All.

#6. This Persian cat is practically screaming for help after running into the snow to see what it was all about.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but in this case, it just made it freeze its paws off! Just look at the terrified look on the poor kitty's face.

#7. This adorable husky has a little white powder on his nose, but he's not saying a word.

Imgur user Stephy151 recalls how her sister and her husband had recently adopted this puppy, and this was his first time in the snow.

#8. This was this pooch's first time running in the snow and it was the biggest challenge she ever faced.

Imgur user morgasmic took her dog, Kiora outside to experience snow. But it learned that running in this thing is like running underwater. In less than no time, she was so exhausted that she simply rested her body on the snow, and eventually her whole head. She was pooped!

#9. This adorable little puppy doesn't seem to mind that his nose is feeling nice and frosty.

Reddit user Slayer128 looks like it took a hit of something, which would totally explain why he looks like he just won the lottery. Notice how happy he looks even though his little nose is frozen. Yup! This puppy is a fan of winter.

#10. Fear seems to be in a cat's nature, just like curiosity, but this little kitty is baffled by snow.

Flickr user Elizabeth Bouras watched as her cat Jonesy explored the balcony, but she wasn't prepared to find how the cat reacted to the snow. At first it seemed curious. Then it seemed to jump frantically as if trying to get away from the snow fast.

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