By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Dogs Are Embracing Winter In The Funniest Way Possible.

While you're putting on several layers, brushing off your car, and muttering angrily to yourself, remember this: Not everyone hates the winter. In fact, your dog might even love it.

In the compilation below, we're treated to the sight of a bunch of different dogs enjoying the snow, reminding us just how fun winter can actually be. Granted, these pups don't have any real responsibility or an icy commute to think about, and they basically walk around with a built in fur coat on their bodies, but still: Their unbridled joy reminds us to be a little bit more appreciative of the winter months. You'll laugh out loud when you see the dog at 1:05.

This little dog made a maze in the snow.

Source: America's Funniest Home Videos