By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

This Freezing Piglet Was Moments From Death, But He Got A Lucky Break.

While the Smith family was staying at a ski resort, they spotted something moving in the snow. To their surprise, it was a piglet in what friend Sarah Pekkanan described on Facebook as "half-frozen and stuck in the snow and ice, by the side of the highway."

Next, they wrapped the poor animal in a sweatshirt to keep him warm and snuck back up to their room using the stairs. They called him "Wee Wee," and fed him smashed bananas. Soon after settling in, the baby pig regained energy and seemed to be right at home.

If they hadn't discovered him, a huge snowplow would have buried the animal in blankets of snow, according to the family. It is unsure how he got there, but they speculate the pig was originally on a transport truck.

Elisabeth Smith announced on Facebook, "We are looking forward to getting him proper care at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary."

While they were out one night, the Smith family found this little pig in the snow! They brought him back to their hotel room to nurse him back to warmth.

The adorable pig is starting to warm up here, but he refused many different foods.

Finally, Wee Wee (as he was named) feasts on a banana for dinner.

Time for a well-deserved nap after braving the cold.

Now, that's one family trip for the books. A million thanks to the Smith family for their quick thinking and kindness!

To support Wee Wee and other animals, visit the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary website.