By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

On Southern California Beaches This Hardly Ever Happens… But It Did Today.

It's a typical beach scene: White sand, sunny skies, crashing waves, and...snow?

Such was the case in southern California today, when a hailstorm inspired some insane images from Huntington Beach. The hail was part of a storm that caused rain in coastal areas, and snow at higher elevations both north and east of Los Angeles.

The cold snap and hailstorm shocked plenty of beachgoers, many of whom had to run into lifeguard headquarters to cover their heads from the falling hail. Check out the surreal scene below, and see what had some California residents thinking about swapping their surfboards for snowboards.

ahh sweet spring time.

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Weird day at the beach today! #huntingtonbeach #hail #snow #storm

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Lifeguards are on duty.

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Huntington Beach made my heart melt today

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