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Adele’s ‘Hello’ Was Hilariously Parodied By A Teacher Who LOVES Snow Days.

Mary Morris is a third grade teacher in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, with a powerful singing voice, a knack for writing clever lyrics, and a rockin' sense of humor. In early January, she released "Snow," an Adele "Hello" parody that we can all relate to -- a cry for snow days to save us from braving the cold at work.

For educators, sometimes the only real breaks to look forward to are lunch and recess, if you're lucky. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen if you're on duty or if your students have to stay in.

Morris mourns: "If it has to be so cold / The least that it can do is snow/ If I have to keep my students inside / One more time, for recess, I'm gonna lose my mind."

But it isn't until she sings, "I love it when I get the call / That I don't have to work at all / I can stay in bed, watch Netflix all day / I can even spend it in my PJs if I want" that she really hits the nail on the head. You'll scratch your head wondering if you wrote this song yourself!

With over 1.5m views, "Snow" is worth having a listen "or two... or maybe 23."

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Source: Mary Morris

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