By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Snow Sculptures Have Taken Winter To The MAX… The Shark Is Extreme.

Each year, brothers Austin, Trevor, and Connor Bartz take advantage of their snowy Minnesota front yard to create something amazing. This time around, their efforts took the form of a massive 18-foot octopus, the most epic snow sculpture we've ever seen.

The octopus took them about 500 hours to complete, and their work was for a good cause, too: The money they raised for this project is being donated to help Haitians get clean water systems in their communities.

In addition to being a philanthropic endeavor, their massive snow-topus is decidedly badass. See it, and their sculptures from previous years, below.

Here are the brothers in the process of constructing the massive octopus, which took over 500 hours to build.

You have to admit: This thing is pretty awesome.

And it's just one in a line of many amazing snow sculptures, including this very threatening shark.

This sea turtle was a huge hit in 2014, it took about 300 hours to build.

And who could argue with the awesomeness of this guy?

Finally, even though it's their smallest, this blowfish might be our favorite.

Source: Bartz Snow Sculptures